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Your business is your future. Preserve the future of your business with commercial roof replacement services that you can count on. AquaGuard has been protecting commercial structures from water damage for more than 25 years, and our Atlanta commercial roofing contractors are focused on evaluating and properly completing repairs and replacements quickly, efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner. If you’ve got a damaged or a leaking roof, restore your peace of mind and keep your building and everyone inside it dry and safe by calling AquaGuard for your commercial roof installation project.

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When Should I Replace My Roof?

Sometimes, the signs you need a new roof are undeniable. Other times, you may find yourself wondering if now is the right time to replace the roof on your commercial building. There are a few indications you can rely on to let you know whether or not it’s time to call an inspector.

  • Blistering: When roofing materials on your roof have been weakened throughout, it can cause vapor or water blistering. Over time, water may enter these blisters and expand due to the heat of the day, causing them to keep growing. Eventually, they can tear or leak leaving you to deal with huge roof repair or replacement costs.
  • Shingle & Membrane Damages: Commercial roofs should be inspected once or twice a year to ensure they’re properly shedding water, drains or gutters are clear, and there’s no visible damage to these surfaces. It may help to take pictures annually and keep them in a file on your computer or phone to document your roof’s function and better visualize the progression of damage. Whether your shingles or membranes are starting to crack, split, shrink, expand, or pull away flashings and exterior details, it’s likely time for a replacement.
  • Water infiltration: The most obvious sign you need a replacement is the appearance of interior leaks. If you notice your roof leaking during heavy rains or other signs of moisture like spots on the ceilings, interior, or exterior walls, you should call an Atlanta commercial roofing contractor to inspect your commercial roof. You may also notice a musty smell—this is typically a sign of mold spore growth and you should let your inspector know if it is something you’ve encountered.

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We know the importance of keeping your building, the employees, and the customers inside it safe and dry. If you think your commercial building needs a new roof, call AquaGuard's Atlanta commercial roofing contractors for a free evaluation today.