Causes of Roof Rot

Rotting wood can’t support your roof, so fixing it should be a priority. More often than not, the wooden beams and rafters that uphold your roof will rot due to one of two reasons: high humidity in the attic or poor ventilation in the attic. You also may have heard this wood rot referred to as dry rot or brown rot. These terms describe the effect of a certain species of fungi that digest the parts of wood which give it its strength and rigidity. Unfortunately, the only way to fix your roof once dry rot has set in is to remove and replace all the affected areas.

AquaGuard Roofing Solutions can help you identify affected wood, replace it, and properly seal your attic to ensure you won’t encounter the same issue again.

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Identifying Roof Wood Rot

Because water is the catalyst for wood rot, the same signs that indicate potential leaks could also apply to potential rot. Some of the more obvious indicators include:

  • Excessive algae or mold growth on roof
  • Missing shingles or flashing
  • Mold growth in attic
  • Sunken roofline
  • Visible water damage to interior ceilings

Repairing Rotten Roofs

As we mentioned, the only way to repair your roof once wooden beams or rafters have started to rot is to completely replace all the affected structures with new wood. It is also important to ensure any openings, cracks, or holes in your roof are properly repaired so water cannot enter and reactivate any remaining fungus spores to cause additional wood rot.

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