Georgia Roof Leak Repair

A leaky roof is an easy entry point for water. If left unchecked, you could be dealing with the ramifications of roof damage for months or even years after a leak appears. If you suspect your roof is leaking—even a minor leak that seems like no big deal—calling a professional roofing company in Atlanta or the surrounding area is a great place to start.

AquaGuard has been serving home improvement needs in Rome, Marietta, Athens, and Atlanta for more than 25 years. When you call us for a free roof inspection, you can rest assured that your roof leaks are being addressed by a team of trusted professionals.

Signs You Need Roof Leak Repairs

Plenty of signifiers will let you know your roof is leaking and it’s time for repairs. A few of the more obvious ones include:

  • Algae, liken, or fungus growth on roof surface
  • Discoloration of internal ceilings or external soffits and fascia boards
  • Moisture on interior walls and external brick, stucco, or siding
  • Nail pops that are unsealed or penetrating and lifting the underside of shingles
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper
  • Puddles or moisture-laden flooring
  • Tree debris building up on your roof

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Can I Repair A Roof Leak Myself?

Roof repair is a tricky business and should be performed by a tradesman. What may seem like a minor leak to the untrained eye could actually signify you need a full replacement during a professional inspection. By calling an experienced roof repair company at the first sign of a leak, you’re saving yourself the trouble of an unreliable patch or repair which could worsen the issue. That being said, there are a few ways to slow the progression of water damage before a professional can make it out for an inspection.

You can identify small leaks by looking for the entry point in your attic. You will likely notice wet rafters or water damage below the leak. You can typically use caulk to seal up any noticeable holes on the roof surface or temporarily catch the water in a bucket to prevent interior damages, but calling a professional roof repair company near you will allow you to get a professional’s opinion on the best repair solution.

AquaGuard Roof Leak Repair

Need a professional’s touch for your leaking roof? Contact the team at AquaGuard for a free, no-obligation inspection of your leaks and roof damage and gain peace of mind today.