Post-Storm Roof Restoration

Big storms are a catalyst for massive damage to roofs. Hail is one of the most common reasons roofs require repairs or complete replacement. With our expertise, we can provide an estimate for you and your insurance company to review before properly addressing your storm damaged roof.

AquaGuard has built its reputation on providing the best, most comprehensive home improvement services to our customers, and we’ll stop at nothing to ensure every job is finished to the highest standards of quality and safety.

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Identifying Hail Damage

A few key indicators will let you know if your roof has sustained severe hail damage. Typically, a roof will be able to withstand small hail stones. Roof damage can occur when small hail stones impact older pipe boots and roof penetrations. The density, velocity, volume, size, and shape of hail will all factor into properly evaluating roof damages. While this is certainly not a comprehensive list of signs, we’ve identified the most obvious indicators of roof hail damage below.

  • Collateral damages to or around the dwelling or building structure
  • Dented gutters or leaf guard covers
  • Dented roof vents, flashing, and roof penetration alloys
  • Impacted asphalt shingles, reinforcements, or ridge-vents
  • Loose, missing, displaced, and impact-damaged shingles

Repairing or Replacing a Hail-Damaged Roof

Once an insurance adjuster checks out your roof, they’ll be able to decide whether the extent of the damage necessitates a repair or full replacement. Typically, we suggest having an AquaGuard roofing expert onsite during the adjustor’s visual roof inspection process—not to write a claim, but to ensure nothing is overlooked regarding collateral damage, the existing roof system, or its water-shedding abilities

AquaGuard Hail Damage Repair

If a recent hailstorm has put your roof at risk, contact the team at AquaGuard for a free, no-obligation visual roof inspection today.