AquaGuard is committed to helping Northern Georgia home and business owners protect their properties from top to bottom—roof to foundation. If you believe that it may be time to replace your roof, if your roof is leaking but you’re having trouble finding and fixing the source, or if you have any other roofing concerns, call AquaGuard Roofing Solutions today! We are proud to provide our community with FREE roof inspections, during which we will provide you with a complimentary, no-obligation roof repair or replacement quote.

A travel fee may apply in certain situations: if your home is outside our 75-mile radius of Marietta, GA; if the home is less than one year old; or for some real estate transactions. All fees are credited towards any work completed.

What Do Roof Inspections from AquaGuard Include? 

Our certified roof inspectors assess the following: 

  • Overall appearance, deterioration, and physical damage: Assessing the overall condition of your roof can help you determine when it's the best time to repair or replace the system. 
  • Location of leaks or cracks: It’s not always easy to spot the source of a roof leak—our roof inspections are experts at locating and repairing all types of roof leaks. 
  • Gutter systems: An inadequate gutter system can lead to rotting fascia boards and roof leaks. At AquaGuard, we’re able to provide the most thorough and complete gutter inspection thanks to the experience of our gutter division. 
  • Shingle and fascia condition: In addition to repairing leaky roofs, we can also provide fascia and shingle repair and replacement. We’ll help you spot any areas that need attention and the most cost-effective way to restore them.
  • Drains, skylights, vents, and other possible water entry points: Water can enter your roof through improperly installed and sealed vents, skylights, drains, and more.